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Arsenal Military Academy (2019)

Other name: Lie Huo Jun Xiao ,
Director: Hui Kai Dong
Cast: Updating
Genre: Action, Romance
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 50 Episodes
Release year: 2019
Status: Ep 48 Engsub

Xie Xiang joins the army in her brother's stead by pretending to be a man. She becomes classmates with the wealthy Gu Yan Zhen and the calm Shen Jun Shan. Through their rigorous training, the three form a bond to become comrades, all while Xie Xiang tries to keep her cover. After many incidents, Xie Xiang earns the respect of her peers and superiors. She also becomes the object of affections of the two men in her lives. The Japanese military stations more forces in the Northeast region causing the young heroes to engage in battle as they uncover a big conspiracy. (source: Add Synopsis In Portuguese

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Arsenal Military Academy Episode 49
Arsenal Military Academy Episode 50
Arsenal Military Academy Episode 51

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